Surekha Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. carries a rich legacy of over a decade built on the trust and belief of our customers. It is an acknowledged and admired brand which has moved from strength to strength with an accomplishment of 5 residential complexes already in Bhubaneswar. Surekha Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. strength lies in delivery of its promises through meticulous planning, emphasizing on essential requirements such as importance of location, connectivity and convenience, budget limitation of the customer, backed by quality material, workmanship and after sales service followed by value addition to justify its success. As an organization, it is also known for its employee-friendly and professional working environment. Today, Surekha Builders clientele comprises of over 600 satisfied customers. We realize that buying a home is more than just transaction; it is the realization of an important dream. Which why customer-centricity is very essence of our brand DNA.
  • To rekindle the "essence of life"
  • To cater to customers' needs of today and to perceive and provide for tomorrow's needs.
  • To provide value for money & high returns on investment.
  • To focus on strategic growth through existing and forthcoming projects.
  • To adhere to internationally accepted benchmarks in real estate development and construction.
Surekha Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. envisions to transform dreams into reality. Its vision is to create residential establishments across all strata of society and eventually help to excel in the essence of life! The endeavour is to improve the lives and aspirations of people and enhance their quality of life and work.

Director's Message

The phenomenal growth of a Surekha Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd since its inception as real Estate co. of early 2004 has really taken the market by surprise. The analytical exposition of workforces that have transformed Surekha Builders indicates that the growth scenario today is quite different because of the effects of massive business upsurge. These have pioneered ˜Surekha™s uninterrupted success and have led to business flows responding to accelerated thrust on higher skill and technology, rapid uptake of innovation and healthier customer relations. In almost half a decade time we have overcome many impediments to keep our customers 100% satisfied.

We not only keep our customers happy but also we maintain inter-personnel relationship like a vista. We try to convert a canvas into a master piece.

We always believe in manpower management. The vision we keep is to provide shelters to those who really need it. We always open our doors for your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Our motto is a winners never do different things; they do it in a different way. We have provided the details about us on the website. We welcome your views and suggestions.

Keep it up friends !

Mr. Kishore Kumar Agarwal (Managing Director)

Code of Conduct

Honesty and Integrity While participating in the business of the Company, the officers should act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the Organization, his fellow-officers and should exercise due care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person under comparable circumstances. Fair Dealing Company seeks to gain competitive advantages through superior performance and not through unethical or illegal business practices. Each officer should endeavour to respect the rights of and deal fairly with other officers and other employees of the Company. No one shall take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other intentional unfair dealing practice. Selecting Suppliers The Company’s suppliers make significant contributions to our success. To create an environment where our suppliers have an incentive to work with the Company, they must be confident that they will be treated lawfully and in an ethical manner. Selection of suppliers is to be made on the basis of merit, price, quality and performance. The Company’s policy is to select significant suppliers or enter into significant supplier agreements through a competitive bid process where ever possible. Under no circumstances should any Company employee, agent or contractor attempt to coerce suppliers in any way. The confidential information of a supplier is entitled to the same protection as that of any other third party. regulatory compliance Every employee of the Company shall, in his or her business conduct, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, both in letter and in spirit, in all the territories in which he or she operates. If the ethical and professional standards set out in the applicable laws and regulations are below that of the code, then the standards of the code shall prevail. Competition The Company shall compete only in an ethical and legitimate manner. It prohibits all actions that are anti-competitive or otherwise contrary to laws that govern competitive practices in the market place.


The information given on the website regarding the project details is purely conceptual and is not a legal offering. Further, the promoters/Architects reserve the right to add/delete any details/specifications/elevations mentioned, if so warranted by the circumstances.

Some of the images/pictures used on this website might be Copyright protected. In case, anybody is having any objection in this regard may kindly contact/intimate us so that we can delete/ eliminate the objectionable pictures from the website within a reasonable time.